We downloaded and installed the Virtual Eval of Vibe 3.2 This was installed around 3 - 4 weeks ago. But today we are getting license expired messages. As this is supposed to be a 60 day evaluation we are a bit concerned about this. I have staff who are evaluating this product and they are now unable to do anything with it.

I did try to replace the license-key.xml file with a newly downloaded file but this made no difference.

I then thought I would try to install a "real" licence as we are supposedly licenced for this product through our NOWS subscription but there is no license file available for download. I guess will have to talk to our account people about that.

In the meantime does anyone know either:

Why this 60 day eval has lasted around 30 days?
How can I get this to actually work for 60 days so we can complete the eval?