Update or install seems to pull thru just fine when rebooting after the install - NAL windows pops up and user logs in passively etc.

However after the next boot the login process is extremely slow and when hitting the desktop - we get the "Zenworks service does not appear to be running..." popup and launching the nal window just crashes/hangs.

So what goes wrong between 1st and 2nd boot ? Have even tried to disable passivemodelogin, and disable UAC, but still the same.

I can see the 2 programfiles folders (32 and 64 bit) and the (x86) has Zenworks + CASA in it, but the other one just has Novell/CASA...is it a 64 bit install issue ?

Have several XP SP3 devices that have updated/installed just fine (all 32 bit) - no problem there

Cant find any prerequisites that apply specially to 64 bit as such so what am I missing ?