We are using iManager 2.7.2 (20081017_172753)
with iPrint NetWare Management Plug-in
Servers running iManager and the broker/manager are both running Netware 6.5SP8.

Today I uploaded the Xerox WorkCentre 255 PCL6 and Pro 255 (windows 7, 64-bit) drivers to the broker. However, when you go to manage printer and click on drivers, you do not see anything listed under available drivers.

On the broker, you can clearly see that the Xerox WorkCentre driver has been successfully uploaded. So I know the driver is there.

What is going on? We are in the middle of a server upgrade to Linux-OES2 SP3, but we cannot upgrade this server (or the plugins) or our Netware iManager for a long time.

Russell L.
Texas Department of Transportation