We are in the final stages of migrating all of our student accounts to live@edu. The next step for me is to completely remove access to the GroupWise accounts, and ensure that all of the new (hosted) addresses are current in the System Address Book.
Because our migration process started with the e-mail address change in a different database, that filtered into the eDirectory system. There was a naming conflict that prevented me from creating external users (the internal GroupWise accounts took on the same e-mail address as the externally hosted accounts, so I could not create the external users because of a naming conflict).
After a nightmare of workarounds, it is finally time to remove access to the GroupWise accounts. However, I anticipate a lot of people coming back and requesting their mailboxes be restored because they forgot something of vital importance.
Rather than simply deleting all of the GroupWise accounts, is there a way I can disconnect and remove access to the accounts, while still keeping them around for direct connection if ever needed.

This is a GroupWise 8.0.2 system, the 42,000 accounts to be removed are all contained within a Secondary Domain. Many of those accounts, and completely inactive or disabled. However, I need to ensure that they are no longer visible so I can populate the External Domain, with all of their names and addresses. The user accounts must still remain active for authentication purposes. So I believe converting to External Entities will not work as it removes the eDirectory authentication presence.

Once a Mass import of External Users is completed, I will be enabling the GroupWise Driver to maintain and create external users in the External Domain and Post Office.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.