Hi, All.
I never before user BM3.8 for VPN.

Please, answer:
1. WS-----------VPNSerever---LOCALLAN
WS will be send/receive ALL IP packets to/from LOCALLAN ,if UP VPN on the WS
, over VPN (secure)?

2. For UP VPN on the WS need install NW CLient ?

3. Can i selest - whiche edir users can connected over vpn to the vpn
severer and who can`t ?

4. Can i set - which IP will be receive WS when VPN up ?

5. Exist or Not exist log file with informations: date_time VPN UP/down +
IN/OUT for every vpn user ?

6. This file - simple text file and i can parse it AUTOMATE e (can run perl
script from the NRM) every day ?