Running ZCM 11.0 on our staff machines which is a mixture of XP and 7. Some of our XP machines are still on ZDM 7 but we spent some time this week moving these onto ZCM 11; unfortunately we appear to be having issues with a particular batch.

After installing ZCM 11 on these machines, they are randomly rebooting without warning.. they are in a particular area (Finance) so I'm wondering if there is some conflict
between something that is already installed on the machine that uses a pre-requisite of ZCM 11 like .net framework 3.5.

Has anyone else had similar issues with ZDM 7 to ZCM 11 upgrades?

Another possibility is that a group policy file destined for XP was created using ZCC on a Windows 7 machine.... I have read that this might not cause a problem, but possibly only when applying GPOs via Server 2008.

Thoughts / Doh!?