I'm testing the Nitrodesk's app "Touchdown" email client. Initially it seemed to work well. But, I've found issues with a few things. First of all, when I read an email on the Droid using the Touchdown app, it shows as being read on the phone, but not in my GroupWise desktop client. Same thing when I delete a message on the phone. It's deleted on the phone, but not on my desktop client. I can make changes on my desktop client (mark message read/unread, delete) and the change does occur on the Droid. I've communicated with support and developers at Nitrodesk and sent log files from the app on my phone. They state that the issue is with Novell GW or Mobility, not them. Can anyone else confirm this, or seen this issue as well?

I'm running GroupWise 8.0.3hp3 and Mobility Build 579. I'm aware I'm not on the latest version, but I didn't see any notes in the readme that stated that this or any specific issue was addressed regarding the Touchdown client.