Hi Guys,

On our network we have eDirectory and Active Directory all kept in sync with Identity Manager. Works great!

I've run into a problem with the Novell Client for Windows 7 (V2 SP2).

Some of our users still use full-context login when logging into a workstation (i.e. ".username.container.organisation")

I know it's long-winded and I am aware of context-less login (I've already set it up and it works great too), but old habits die hard.

On the client for Windows XP (4.91 SP5), there was a setting to copy Novell credentials to windows which worked great no matter how the user entered their eDirectory username. So for example if Joe Bloggs logged in with ".bloggsj.dept.company" it would pass just "bloggsj" to the windows login process.

Under Windows 7 with the new client, it passes the whole username including the context and I can't find any options to change this.

This causes problems for users who still log in using this method as windows will not accept the username in this form.

To make life easier for them (and for me), is there a way of sorting this so it works as the old client did?