We have a company that has left our network, and we're
preparing to remove its server and related objects
from our Tree.

Including this server, we have five NetWare 6.5 servers.
All are on their own boxes, except for our GWIA/WebAccess
server, which is on a Virtual machine. Three servers, including
the one being removed are File Servers, the remaining two are
Application Servers related to GroupWise.

Our two GroupWise servers share the same Context, but all our
other servers (including the one being removed) are in their
own Context. All Contexts are directly below our one Tree.

The server being removed has a Read/Write Replica, serves as a
Primary Time Source and an SLPDA.

Of our remaining four servers:

- One is a Reference Time Source with a Read/Write Replica
- One is a Primary Time Source and SLPDA with a Master Replica

- One has our GroupWise POA and a Secondary GWIA running
- One has our Primary GWIA and WebAccess running

....for our two GroupWise-related servers, Directory Services
were removed to improve performance.

The number of network users should be down to about 250-350 users.

What would be the best practice recommended for handling Directory
Services, Time Source, and SLPDA's in the above scenario?

- Should we add back, Directory Services to one of our GroupWise servers
(providing a third server containing a Replica)?

- Should we add a second Primary Time Source to one of our GroupWise

- Are there any problems running a second SLPDA to a GroupWise server?