on NEW installed nw65sp4 overlay cd installed a new BM3.8 with sp3 and
now sp4

it is not possible to create s2s with novell IMANAGER, from overlay it is
version 2.5 ,

now , what version of managemtn tool is need for BM3.8 and now for what

i am sitting over a week to configure the firewall, but now ........

must i need imanager version 1.3 or version 2.0.1.a.3.g.6
but the i need tomcat at 1.3 also not netware 6.5

is it possible to configure the vpn with novell bordermanager?

what are the tools to use for this software, i know i must use nwadmin32,
i must use c1, an now waht version of imanager cause what version of
novell etware, is it better to install nw4.11 an make an inpklace to nw
5.0 and tha to nw5.1 and the netwar e6.0 and not higer....

i didnt know what to do now.....