I have a S2S 3.8 SP4 VPN. 1 Master - 15 Slaves. All servers are in their own unique tree. Everything works great for 5-10 days. Then suddenly the master will lose connection to 1 or 2 slaves. Only the master does. All the slaves can communicate with each other just fine. When this happens I see the error below in the ike.log. Stop/Startvpn on the slave changes nothing. If I stop/startvpn on the master it can no longer connect to any slaves. Only solution is to reboot and everything comes up just fine. I also see this same problem if a slave is disconnected from the vpn for a few days. The only way to get it to reconnect to the master is to again reboot the master. I called support today and received a VPMASTER.NLM which is supposed to fix the problem if the slave is down for a few days, according to TID 10097963. I've seen some posts here that said this file fixed the TID problem but I don't see anything anywhere about the other issue I am having. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Does anyone have any other ideas on what I should look at or do? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

1-24-2006 11:48:27 am ***Receive Main Mode message from 212.109.prv.prv
1-24-2006 11:48:27 am I-COOKIE=30E2919B281113F2,R-COOKIE=0000000000000000,MsgID=0,1stPL=SA-PAYLOAD,state=-1698415824
1-24-2006 11:48:27 am Start IKE-SA 8B6271C0 - Responder,src=4.20.prv.prv,dst=212.109.prv.prv,Tot SA=1
1-24-2006 11:48:27 am AUTH ALG IS 3
1-24-2006 11:48:27 am IKE SA NEGOTIATION: Peer lifetime = 28800 My lifetime=28800
1-24-2006 11:48:27 am sending notify message type: 28 to 212.109.prv.prv
1-24-2006 11:48:27 am ***Send Unacknowledge Informational message to 212.109.prv.prv
1-24-2006 11:48:27 am I-COOKIE=30E2919B281113F2,R-COOKIE=6B22D2FA67738706,MsgID=6C52CE38,1stPL=NOTIF Y-PAYLOAD,state=-1698415660
1-24-2006 11:48:27 am Error :Server certificate not available , probably error reading certificate
1-24-2006 11:48:27 am Processed SA-PAYLOAD unsuccessful - No usage certificate available for signature authentication, dst=212.109.prv.prv.
1-24-2006 11:48:27 am Error processing the first MM packet - No usage certificate available for signature authentication
1-24-2006 11:48:28 am IKE-SA 8B6271C0 is Deleted,I-COOKIE=30E2919B,R-COOKIE=6B22D2FA,dst=212.109.prv.prv
1-24-2006 11:48:28 am State:0 Cond:4 TimerEvent:1
1-24-2006 11:48:28 am lifetime :0 sec Rekey Time :0 sec
1-24-2006 11:48:28 am Created at :0 sec Remaining life time :-502177 sec Current time 502177