Hi, I am tring to get help on windows 7 and netware cifs.
We just deployed several windows 7 pc's. The user can log into the domain fine and it maps the drive just as we want. The problem comes in when clicking on widows explorer while logged into the domain/connected to our network. Windows explorer scans the network drives and never shows the network drives available it just hangs. This happens 85% of the time. Then we have to disable windows explorer from services in order to reset it, but it does the samething until the PC is rebooted. This also happens on the c:\ while connected to the network. When i disconnect from the network, windows explorer doesn't hang at all. It only hangs when connected to our network. We have a 2-node netware cluster with sp8. We are using netware cifs with edir version 87.3.10 and a windows 2008R2 domain controller with active directory setup, but netware is our main network platforum. We do not use the netware client, but the microsoft client. I've also applied the n65nss8c to resolve this issue, but to no avail.

Please help
The newbee