I reinstalled SLES10 SP3 X64 on the server with same IP and same host name, then tried to reinstall ZLM73_Agent_with_IR1.iso on it. The ZLM agent was in this server before it been reinstalled. I also deleted the server from ZENworks Control Center before start OS reinstalled.

Now, I have problem when I installed ZLM agent. I got error like below:

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________
Configuring ZMD

Detected running ZMD version 7.3.1, using it
Starting ZMD with --no-remote --no-services

Checking for installed packages...

Installing Component : ZENworks Agent
Installing ZENworks Agent | | 0% Resolvable not found
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/mnt/data/zlminstall.py", line 568, in ?
File "/mnt/data/zlminstall.py", line 441, in main
downloadID, transactID = zmd.transact(packages, None)
File "/mnt/data/ZLMZMDLib.py", line 413, in transact
return(downloadID, transactID)
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'downloadID' referenced before assignment
__________________________________________________ ____________________________________

Any idea is welcamed! Thanks!!