Yes...we still have some legacy NetWare 5.1 servers in production. Hard not to admire servers that haven't been rebooted in years :) That said - we're migrating and consolidating these remaining "vintage" NetWare boxes to virtual 6.5 OES servers.

Is there a TID or defined procedure for performing this migration?

Just one tree. The legacy 5.1 servers are on a subnet (VLAN) that we're abandoning - with the virtual servers being on a new VLAN. With multiple VLANs - we're using a dhcp helper in our core switch configuration - so we'll have to update the configuration to point to the new DHCP servers IP address.

Is there any other "gotchas" to worry about?

Can the migration be gradual - with both the legacy and new DCHP servers active in the tree - and just migrate subnets/VLANs one at a time?

I appreciate any guidance...