BM 3.8.4
I followed Craig's book example, but can not get a connection established.

When I look at the IKE.LOG all I have in there is many of these lines
"1-26-2006 7:58:46 am Read trusted root cert file

On the linksys side, I can't find any logs.
settings on linksys:
IPSEC Passthrough Enable
PPTP Passthrough Disable
L2TP Passthrough Disable
VPN Tunnel Enable
VPN Gateway Disable
Local Secure group Subnet
Remote Secure group Subnet
Secure gateway bm public address
Encryption 3DES
Auth MD5
Key (autoIKE)
PFS enable
Operation Main
Encryption DES
Authenication MD5
Group 768 bit
Key Life 3600
Encryption 3DES (fixed)
Authentication Disable (fixed)
PFS Enable (fixed)
Group 1024 bit
Key Life 28,000

On the bordermanager I configured the master, slave and 3rd party rules
like the book.

Thanks in advance for the help.