in a Win7 VDI environment (Citrix, Vmware, anything with a primary credential provider) it seems that an 11.1 ZCM agent doesn't catch that a login has happened, so a passive login is not attempted. This works pretty fine in 11.2 beta1 (as long as there's just one user source), but for obvious reasons this is not an option right now.
For the time being we'd be happy to simply present the ZCM login dialog box to the user (without right-clicking the tray icon), but i haven't found a way to get this done so far.
There's a function ZenLgnLoginUI in zenlgn.dll which seems to do the work when logging in from nalwin or the tray icon, i hoped to call something like rundll32 zenlgn.dll,ZenLgnLoginUI, but this doesn't work (maybe just to missing parameters?).
So the question is: Is there a way to call the ZCM login dialog from a batch, script or command line?