I'm trying to establish VPN connectivity via a SonicWall TZ-170 to our
Novell 6.5 SB server. I have the VPN tunnels established and working
to connect to my internal network from the Internet. Here are the
problems I'm having:

1. Using an outside IP address from inside our office I can connect to
the VPN and log into the Novell network via Novell Client. All works

2. From a remote location I can establish VPN connectivity and can
ping anything on the internal network. I cannot connect to the Novell
server via Novell Client.

Problems 1&2 are on a machine that have a Novell Client.

3. If I install BorderManger VPN Client and the SonicWall client I
cannot connect to the VPN at all.

Problem 3 is on machines with and without the Novell Client.

I am not overly concerned about being able to connect via Novell
Client. All I really care about is getting connectivity via the
BorderManager VPN Client. Can anyone help?

Thank you