We tried creating an image with the ZEN agent installed. We ran "zac fsg -d" that would clean out unique identifiers for the agent(on the image), allowing us to deploy an image with the agent ready to go (except no GUID assigned). we kept seeing the appended GUID on the hostname, so we deleted the hosts from ZCC, and tried re registering. This did not work so we used "zac unr" then "zac unr -f" to locally unregister the host. We then used "zac reg -g (server address)". At this point the host name was GUID free when viewing the agent properties from the local machine, but did not appear in ZCC. We didn't touch it for 2 weeks, and now only 7 hosts show up in ZCC. There is one GUID that follows the last host to be "accessed" in ZCC. also there is a duplicate hostname for every alias witht he GUID appended that does NOT have the GUID appended (ex. PC01-f18b345f6sht54, and PC01). It seems the serial may be causing this, but I am at a loss now. Help!!!!