Hello every body

I have an strange issue with the date of last modification on my files stored on NSS. i find files modified in 2028 or 2098 (superior at 2012 in fact).
So i'd like if i can connect the last peson who has modified these files ?

Plateform : SLES 10 SP3 OES 2 SP2/SP3
Protocol use: AFP ( for Max OS 10.5, 10.6, 10.7)
Client Novell: 4.95 SP5 for XP, Novell Client 2 SP1 IR5
Antivirus : Symantec Endpoint Protection

So maybe i can isolate the problem if these files are modified by NCP Protocol or AFP but it's really difficult to stop service protocol.

So if you have any suggestion ?

Best regards

Franšois Georgenthum