I am trying to export an NSS volume though NFS.
I was able to do so without issues on OES2 servers, however a OES11 server is giving me problems.

I have NFSv4 turned off in YaST, as well as GSS security.
The exports file is:
/media/nss/DATA1 backup.example.com(fsid=1,ro,sync,no_root_squash,n o_subtree_check)

I took the options from the documentation, except the "no_subtree_check", and "ro". (I am using these options on OES2 without issues.)
Changing the export to "rw" from "ro" does not fix the problem.

When I start the nfsserver service, it complains:
exportfs: Warning: /media/nss/DATA1 does not support NFS export.

Is anyone else having these issues, or any idea how to fix this?