i didnt can access the old thread, is it to long? my reply didnt added to
the post, so i make a new one with the old problem...

here the last infos
In article , wrote:
> Packet discarded during policy checking, src=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,
> dst=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Do you have any traffic rules configured for the VPN?

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Novell Support Connection SysOp
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and now...

ill have inserted a rule to allow traffic from the other vpn site to my
side,.... there are no errors displayed in the audit log from the remote
manager vpn monitoring , like ipsec errors or something else,,,, at the

now at the moment the status is:
my side can ping the firewall of the ohter side, and ill get a
replay,. ...
in remote mgr the vpn monitoring shows a vpn tunnel is up, i can see a
grenn ball..... after a tiwe if i ping the webserver behind the other
firewall. the vpn tunnel didnt come up again is a yellow sighn....
if i ping the firewall its bekomming green...

also i think i can open a tunnel....

ill want to get access to the other web server behind the vpn tunnel..can
i check the comunication via tcp debug....

must i insert another filter in filtcfg to have access to the other
webserver, didnt think so, bacause the communication is over the vpn

at the moment i cant access the webserver on the other side..

what can i do now...