I have created a Windows 7 image with sysprep/unattend.xml : licensing, vbs script that change the computername to serial and last runonceex installing drivers, novell client and zenwork agent then cleanup and reboot.
I use a vmware snapshot made in sysprep audit mode to be able to test it.
The image works greate every time when running the finished image in vmware from capture ready snapshot but when capturing it with img -mp and later booting the image the computername script does'nt work as it should.
The ZW agent and computername is set but... when right klicking Computer then properties, computer name said that "(the new name will be set after next reboot)", only when relogin 1-2 times as administrator.
I have tried to automate one more reboot, modify the order of computername script to run erlier etc.
I use the removemask to disable SIDchanger so that only sysprep takes care of it, first because I guessed a SID conflict was creating my problem, without any luck.

I know it's a bit blur info of my problem but I wonder if "maybe someone" have had a simular problem as me?
Maybe you got any ideas of why?