I updated a secondary Groupwise domain on our OES server to 8.0.2 to match the 8.0.2 running on our primary, Netware server. Users with smartphones were horrified to see emails disappearing from their Mailbox in front of their eyes. The emails gradually disappeared with some connections but on others it was quite quick. It looks like it is about a months worth that were lost. Oddly it stops at about a month and does not delete older email. Email was not in Trash, just lost!

After the holidays it is clear that Outlook users connecting in via POP have the same issue. They didn't notice as they have local copies. All accounts whether smartphone or Outlook are set up to leave email on the server. Most smartphone accounts are setup to only read the last 3 days of email, but it is clear that the POP3 account settings have no effect.

I did some reconfiguration of GWIAs on the OES box, creating a new one and removing an old one. I have also put a Webaccess agent on the OES box.

User working in cached mode found the emails in trash and were able to recover them. A couple in online mode were not so fortunate.

Has anyone a clue to what might be going on?

This is a small system with 12 users.