Summary of the issue:

I was having issues with zenworks logger message on Windows 2008 Server that was a zcm satellite server. Through troubleshooting using a service request we figure out the issue was with the version of bundle management. I manually updated bundle management just on that server, which fix the error message.

Here is the TID link:


NOVELL: Downloads - ZCM 11.1 fix for "ZENworks Adaptive Agent" on desktop see TID 7007656 and Bundles randomly disappear after ZCM 11.1 update - see TID 7009087

After I verified that there was no more zenwork logger issues, I used the other information in the TID to rebuild the deployment packages, so that any computers that download the agent will have the updated bundle management. The process is outline in that TID mention. Once the packages had finish rebuilding, I download the zcm agent and installed on a computer. The problem is that computer does not register into the zone at all. So now I am in a situation were I can not download the agent from the second primary server because it will not register any device into the zone. Even trying to manually register a device, after unregistering the device, using the command line that is using the downloaded agent from the second primary server returns an error message.

My zone is running ZCM 11.1a

Novell response was to open a new service request, but I feel that I should not have to because the issue happen because of the patch that they instructed me to use, which did solve the issue of the zenworks logger, but create a new issue with trying rebuild the deployment packages as outline in the TID. SR#: 1073869641

Thankful my first primary server is still working, since I did not install the patch on it, but I was displeased with the Novell tech repsone of installing the patch on my first primary server, even after knowing that what it did to my second primary server.

Right now I am removed the update bundle managment MSIs on the second primary server and copied back the older ones and then issue the command to rebuild. Will update that is thread once I see what the results are.