Server: OES2Sp2 with GW8.0.2HP3.
Configured some Admin-defined fields:
Admin Defined 1 <unused>
Admin Defined 2 SpeedDialK143G
Admin Defined 3 SpeedDialK143I
Admin Defined 4 SubDepart
Admin Defined 5 Full Name
Admin Defined 6 <unused>
Admin Defined 20 <unused>

Server have this GW objects:
PRIMD ( Primary GroupWise Domain. configured for Synchronize with eDir
KUJBD (Secondary GroupWise Domain. have POA (KUJBP) )

test gwuser: marina (marina.kujbp.kujbd).

1) From the iManager (without GW-dirxml) modify "Full Name". (examle now: "444Myznikova Marina Stanislavovna"
2) From C1 schedule eDir Synchr at 11:05(daily)
Scheduled Event Settings:
Today's eDirectory User Sync Event Times: 11:05
3) Wait and In the log-file PRIMD i see:
11:05:23 248 Start eDirectory user synchronization.
11:05:24 248 Checking kujbd.kujbp.marina
11:05:27 248 eDirectory user synchronization finished.

3) open C1 , select our tes-user | click Right-button | GroupWise Diagnostic | Display Object
And in the: "GroupWise information for selected object" i see:
Admin Defined 5 = Myznikova Marina Stanislavovna
But this is OLD Records !!!!

In the: "eDirectory information for selected object" i see:
Full Name = 444Myznikova Marina Stanislavovna
(this is ok).

Please, Help me resolver this problem.