Just wanted to know, if any other have had some problems with the Locations not working at times?

I've created Locations for SERVERS, ADMWORKSTATIONS and EXTERNALS.

Right know I'm on a workstaion placed on the administrativ network and should therefore get the ADMWORKSTATIONS Location assigned. But instead it gets the ~unknown~ location. This is not a problem, since it's the same servers in the two locations, but I was just wondering why it gets this over the defined ADMWORKSTATIONS location.

I've set
Client DNS Settings; DNS Suffix = ad.local
Gateways; IP adress =
DHCP Servers; IP adress =

Minimun match is set to 1.

I know, that all the above settings is what I see on the workstation... So why does it not get the right Location?

Should I look in the log? Under which catagory?