Our Novell 5.1, BM 3.7 server crashed. We replaced it with a Novell 6.5,
BM 3.8 SP4 server. We reconfigured everything, including c2s VPN (using
Craig Johnson's book - what a lifesaver. Please take up Groupwise and
Zenworks next) and everything works with users who install the new client
and NMAS - in fact they can even login to novell servers where we couldn't
get that to work before

Problem is, we have about 40 users who have the old client and they get an
authentication gateway error. Is there anything we can do that will allow
older clients to work as well as the new one? We've tried uninstalling
the old client on some machines - going in and uninstalling NICI, NMAS,
the client, running the VPNregistryclean exe, etc, then installing client
3.8.9, but we can't get the new client to work at all on a machine that
has had the old, even after doing all these things. With our company PCs,
we've found we can just re-image the machine and then we can install the
new client, so it must be something with the uninstall of the old. Asking
all our users (doctors, with little patience for stuff that doesn't work
immediately) to reinstall windows from scratch will probably get us
executed. Nor do we want them bringing their machines to us to make us
reinstall windows. So far we're batting 0 for 5 trying to remove old
clients and reinstall new, all XP machines.