Currently we are running a Xen virtualized environment with 9 schools. Each school has their own physical server that has multiple VM's pertaining to each department (ex: office, students, teachers, etc). All remote servers are running SLES 11SP1 as the base and then OES2SP3/SLES10SP3 for all the VM's. We are also running 2 Netware servers, 6.5SP8, for SLP DA's and our Apache Webserver. With the release of OES11, we are looking to migrate/upgrade everything from OES2SP3/SLES10 to SLES11/OES11 so we have one flavor in the district. I would also like to get rid of the two Netware servers that we've had to keep around.

Our user pages are on remote servers (My Webs folder in home directories on NSS volumes) and we were using the mod_edir.c for Netware Apache. I do not see a replacement for this in Linux. What is the best possible replacement for moving our web server to Apache Linux? Also, on a side note, can someone running openSLP on OES2/OES11 verify that it works well enough to discontinue our use of the Netware SLP DA's?