We just upgraded from 10.3.3 on SLES 11.1 x64, to Zenworks 11.1a. Now, we are having PXE problems on our satellite servers, also SLES 11.1 x64. I had to manually remove the old agent and install the new one. The satellite servers are also serving DHCP. I set the flag in the "novell-proxydhcp.cfg" file to 1, started "novell-proxydhcp" service and configured it to run on start up.

There are two symptoms:
1. After receiving a DHCP address and trying to check for work, it hangs saying "Could not open service." No errors, just press "escape" and your on to the next boot device.

2. PXE boot hangs after "No work to be performed." No errors and no key strokes activate the next boot device; safest thing to do is skip PXE boot when it starts.

I can't tell if it's computer specific yet, but it doesn't appear to be.

PXE boot works just fine on the subnet with the primary server. Where should I start looking for problems?

This is frustrating, halting and confusing many teachers and staff.