NSBS 6.5.4 BM3.8.4

I am having trouble getting my vpn client to connect to the public ip of
the bordermanager server.

When I use a PC inside our network and connect to the private ip I do not
have any issue. Everything works great.

The problem comes in when I try to use the public ip. When trying to
connect I get the error 'Novel login attempt failed. The user in not
logged in to Netware". If I connect with "Enable Login" deselected I do
get connected without any error but obviously cannot access the novell
server. I also cannot ping anything on the internal network.

Here's a little info on our network. We have 2 offices. We have a unix
server ( in one building and a Novell server ( in
the other. Our employees will need to be able to communicate with both of
the servers.

Our firewall is a SonicWall TZ170. I do have both TCP ports 213 and 353
open as well as udp 353 and 2010 open.

The VPN tunnel address is

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get this working?