Just wondering if there was a way to return the name/path of the Work in Progress folder in the user's current language. I have an applet that validates (among other things) all message recipients before sending, so I need to save the message as a draft first in order to access the Message and Recipients objects.

To do this, I need to send the name and path of the Work-in-Progress (WIP) folder to the ItemSaveMessageDraft function:
folderPath = Groupwise.Account.Owner.DisplayName & " - Home\" & Groupwise.Account.WorkFolder.Name;

This works just fine in English, but after much trial and error, I found that in French, the string "Home" needs to say "Accueil" and the Work Folder name needs to say "Travail en cours". But the Groupwise Workfolder.Name function only returns the English value, never French. So I'm basically stuck hard-coding these strings into my applet, and also means this will not work for anyone who may have renamed their Drafts folder to anything else.

Is there a way to get the localized value of the Workfolder name? We have Groupwise 7.