Am trying to install the VPN 3.8.9 client on a Dell Latitude D505 with
Centrino processor.

When trying to login to server I get the follwoing message. (Am using
the server IP address instead of the name in the login.)

"The NMAS authentication failed. Could not find the NMAS DLL/dependent

Am using the following versions:
Novell BorderManager 3.8.9 VPN Client
NMAS Client Components (2.7)
NICI (Shared) U.S./Worldwide (128 bit) 2.6.0
NICI U.S./Worldwide 1.7.0 (128 bit)
Novell Client for Windows version 4.91 SP2

Have tried later versions of NMAS and receive errors with it as well.
This version (2.7) is actually working on a laptop that doesn't have the
Centrino processor.