Maybe this request is something for Graig.
After the upgrade of brdmgr 3.8 to sp4, a lot of my customers have problems
with the vpn client, it stops working after a couple of week's.
In fact it's not stopping working but the client doesn't receive a ip
Normally when you are looking at the tab General information and security
you see the line Locale ip address with between brackets the encapsulation
ip address ( giving from the brdmgr).
No yes after some time's it disappear. You see just your local ip address
and that's all.
With a little bit luck you still can access the network but your receive
after a couple of minute's a disconnect call from the bordermanager.
I checked the log's file but no error's via remote manager.
What can that be??

OES : netware 6.5 SP4
brdmgr: SP4

Greetings and thanks in advanced