Recently upgraded from NW 6.5 to SLES 10 SP4, OES2 SP3. In iManager CIFS configuration for NW, NSS volumes do not show as shares. In iManager CIFS for the migrated OES Linux server, all NSS volumes are shown as shares. We do not want the NSS shares to be available for CIFS. The work around for us right now is to run a custom script containing "novcifs -srn" for each NSS volume. Is there another solution to remove the NSS volumes in CIFS that does not require a custom script? Some of our CIFS shares are named the same as the NSS volume but point to a specific directory on the volume. This means we have to add them in the custom script with "novcifs -sap" for each share after removing the NSS volumes.

Removing the NSS volumes in iManager CIFS does not hold with a reboot.
Likewise, adding a share that uses the NSS name, does not hold with a reboot.