I am trying to remove a legacy vpn on a network containing 1 master and 2
slave BM3.7 site to site VPN.

The original links have been removed, long since replaced by a carrier
provided vpn solution (i.e. I have TCPIP connectivity between servers).

I have run NIASCFG, gone into VPN config and removed the VPN config from
all servers.

Here is the issue - vpntunnel.lan and vpinfo.vpn (?) still load when the
server is restarted. Of course I cannot delete the vptunnel board in
Inetcfg as it says I need to do that in VPNCFG ! The VP Tunnel still shows
up in bindings and the route table.

Any ideas on cleaning this up ???

I wanted to do this prior to updating one of the servers to BM3.8, but if
installing 3.8 will help me fix it let me know. :-)