Hi All,

Have a single user who is unable to send from mobile devices. User has an iPad and iPhone and both are affected (user thought it may have been due to an ios5 update performed over the Christmas break). User can receive mail, both initial sync and continued updates and receives calendar appointments. However sending any mail or posting appointments seems to be continually affected. Note that this account was working up until the recent break.

Environment is Groupwise mobility 1.2 (579) on SLES 11.0, Groupwise 8.0.2 on Netware 6.5 SP8 (yes it's one of our last PO's to be migrated!).

Troubleshooting steps so far:

* Checked another iOS device, same problem.
* Checked from an Android device (to discount the suspected iOS5 upgrade)
* Checked the mobility web administration page as the user - all folders sync'd
* Checked the mobility web administration page as the admin - shows devices sync'd, nothing out of the ordinary
* Reinitialized device
* Removed the user from the Mobility group, waited for the account to disappear from the web administration interface and readded to group. Removed accounts on devices prior and readded them after.
* Same as above however ran GWcheck user maintenance structure followed by contents checks and readded.
* Restarted the PO. Interestingly I wasn't seeing the soap logins until after the restart. (Note other members of this PO are not reporting problems and are sending successfully)
* Checked log files - default.pipeline1.mobility.log and default.pipeline1.groupwise-AppInterdefault.pipeline1.mobility.log and did not see any entries (nor errors) when sending an email.

I noticed this error on the POA screen - Error streaming an attachment [8911]. I am not sure if it's related. Google searches didn't return much at all.

Am at a loss at the moment. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions.