I've got this notebook with Atheros AR8151 GE NIC - which was meant to use an updated driver (atl1e) included in ZENworks Imaging Driver Update for September 2011 ( ZCM10.3.3 ). I have tested it last year as usual by booting from the CD first ( as I didn't want to apply the update straight away ) - I did insmod, modprobe etc. to enable eth0 on the client and could ping the server ( and in fact used it to save / upload images ).

Now I've applied this update to the server ( replaced four files as per doco ) but DHCP fails when PXE booting on those notebooks, it does not pick up eth0. When I get to bash prompt and go through the whole insmod .. ifconfig eth0 up process manually it works ( I can ping the server ). So I guess that indicates I've got an updated driver afer all but it would not load automagically ?

I have just tried another notebook - exact same model ( same LAN controller ) but a slightly newer batch ( yeah, that happens when you buy Acer ) and PXE works on those. The only difference that I can see is LAN controller revision (?) - basically, the line when PXE starts "For Atheros PCIE Ethernet Controller v2.0.2.3" as oppose to "v2.0.1.7" on those where it doesn't work ( unless I load it manually ).

So I am wondering now .. what can I do now to get "batch 1" of those to work, as obviously the driver can handle the NIC but fails to load ?