I have an existing Master/Slave VPN tunnel between two BM3.8 servers
at different locations. A requirement has arisen to connect to a
third party vendor running a Cisco 3005 VPN Concentrator. Fortunately
an appnote exists describing the setup procedure however I have a few
questions irt the Master Server setup. The appnote describes a new
VPN Master installation but I already have an existing Master which,
apart from the 'Perfect Forward Secrecy=On' setting, is apparently
set up as required. Per the appnote the 'Perfect Forward Secrecy'
should be 'Off' which conflicts with the existing Master's setting of
'On'. I'm assuming the easy way out of this would be to change the
existing 'On' setting to 'Off' both at the Master and Slave of the
existing VPN which would ensure compatibility between the existing
Master and the new Cisco Slave.

A second issue is 'Enable IP RIP' found in the Site-to-Site
Configuration page. It is set to 'On' for the Master which is
contrary to the appnote's suggested setting of 'Off'.

What would be the repercussions if the 'Perfect Forward Secrecy' and
the 'Enable IP RIP' are changed to 'Off'?

Tks, Rickl