Ever since migrating our GroupWise 8 post offices to our multiple Windows 2008 R2 servers we are experiencing high cpu utilization issues on the servers during the purge process. I've read several articles from other clients recommending to add the poa process to the Windows DEP exception list which we' ve done. I've also seen recommendations to change the Mass Purge Items Threshold and the Mass Purge Concurrent Threads Limit, via the web interface, which we've done as well. I've updated client and server side to hp3 and still we are seeing high utilization during the purge process. Additional information regarding our environment is that it is groupwise 8.02 POA (hp3 now-8.0.2-91941), running on Windows 2008 R2 with VMWare connected to an EMC vnxe (iSCSI). I can see that during the periods of high utilization, there is an increase in disk utilization, but not to the extent causing high processor utilization. I have also ran various I/O benchmarks against the SAN and it absolutely flys (when compared to direct attached via our NetWare servers). Anyway, once the C/S Handler Thread(s) shows that the items are being purged, utilization goes high (100%) and then substantially impacts all other G/W users on the system. Based on the threads I've seen, this is a fairly common issue, but the tips provided elsewhere have yielded little improvement.

Any thoughts and idea would be most appreciated.