Hello, I will try to make this as concise as possible.

We have 2 buildings, one with their own subnet connected VIA T1.

Building one has an IP scheme of

Building two his an IP scheme of

Building two houses our Novell Small Business server. This server also
has BM 3.8.4 installed and running.

Building one is the building our internet access comes in to.

The VPN Tunnel address is and the address pool for remote
connections is -

Here is my issue. The only thing I can ping when connected to the VPN is
the Novell server ( No other device respond to pings. This
is an issue because we have an AIX based server in building one that
remote users need access to.

I have unloaded IPFLT and that did not help. I have also create a traffic
rule to allow "Any User" "Any Host" "Any Service" "Allowed Unencrypted"
and cannot ping the internal devices. This rule is currently in the #1
position. With this rule in place I am able to ping Internet IP addresses.

Other Traffice Rules: Encrypt Encrypt Encrypt Encrypt

I am using the same Internet connection to test that I am using for both
offices. I have a PC connected directly to our DSL modem and it has an
outside IP address (Not Natted)

Does anyone have any suggestions where I go from here?