Hi all!

I have a question related to NSS. I am thinking to deploy an antispam server
using Postfix, spam assassin, clam av, etc. So the first step on my implementation
is to port Postfix to a cluster-service using NCS and move the Postfix queue to a shared
volume, on a NSS volume from a SAN. So, here is the problem. I didnt have any problems
migrating MySQL to a resource and the data dir to a shared NSS volume but with Postfix
I am having a lot of problems moving the queue dir to a NSS filesystem.

I think that the problem comes to the special file types like sockets, named pipes, etc.
I have set up the users on LUM and assigned it on the NSS file system with rights command,
but when Postfix tries to start, I have this error:

host postfix/master[15616]: fatal: fifo_listen: create fifo public/pickup: Operation not permitted

I'm afraid that the problem is that pickup is a special file. So the question basically is, is
NSS able to manage this type of files? I am doing well moving the queue dir to a
NSS shared volume?

And, finally, If this could not be possible, Could I use a ext3 filesystem over NSS? I am a little
lost about that...

So much thanks!