2 Primary Servers
1 Standalone Sybase db server

We started out with 1 primary server with the embedded database. When we decided to roll the system to production, we decided to separate the db from the primary and move it to a standalone server as well as added an additional primary server. Followed documentation on how to separate the db from the primary to a standalone db server. This set up has been running perfectly well for approximately two years.

Last week we applied the patch to upgrade from 10.3.3 to 10.3.4. The upgrade seemed to go smoothly and we were functioning perfectly well for about a week.

Today, the standalone db server hard locked and we had to do the old "one finger salute" to get it back up and running. However, the sybase-asa service would not stay up and running after reboot. After digging through /var/log/messages we found that the error was due to a duplicate db name being loaded on the original primary server. We killed the sybase-asa service on the original primary server and were able to start sybase-asa on the standalone db server and it stayed up and running. However, the sybase-asa service started back up automatically on the original primary server shortly thereafter. So we seem to have two instances of sybase running. One on the original primary server and one on the standalone db server. sysbase-asa service is NOT running on the 2nd primary server.

So, is this behavior normal (I'm guessing not)?
Can I just remove any references to the startup for sybase-asa from my "RC's" so it will not start to fix this problem on the original primary server?
Is this/could this be related to the upgrade to ZCM 10.3.4?

We need to find a fix as otherwise, if we reboot the standalone db server, we'll have the same problem every time we need to reboot it which is obviously not ideal.

Any ideas would be appreciated.