NW v6.5 sp8
GW v8.0.2 hp3
C1 v1.3.6h - GW snapins v8.0.2

I have some Linux users who use Evolution (due to GW Linux client issues). They use IMAP but report that some message times are wrong.

Emails that have come in from outside the GW system via GWIA/SMTP seem to to be OK. But, messages sent from GW clients have incorrect time info. What is wrong is that the 'hours different to UTC' is 0 rather than the expected +12h or +13h we expect in New Zealand. Looking through the GW agents using C1 shows that all time zones are set for New Zealand.

The users have been using the IMAP provided by the POA. I have just enabled the IMAP in GWIA hoping for a better result but it is the same.

As GW has two ways of providing IMAP I take it that one is newer than the other. Which should we be using?

Has anyone else seen this or is there someone who has any idea why we see this time difference issue on IMAP?