I think I remember reading about the recommended number of clients ( as in managed devices not users ) per ZCM server being 1000, not sure if I am right, though. I am looking at upping the number of devices on a single ZCM 10.3.3 server to about 1300, and I hardly expect it go beyond that, ever. I am wondering if it is safe enough to assume it would cope, or if there is some kind of a "hard" limit in ZCM ( due to the database limitations or something ).

The server would pretty much be used to manage devices only - as in device imaging / deployment / inventory ( inc. an odd post-imaging bundle ) not so much to handle user logins or app deployment. It was installed with all the default settings ( database etc. ) and currently handles 400 odd devices. I would really like to avoid having to add another server unless there is a good enough reason for that.