- GroupWise 8.0.2 on SLES 11
- Data Syncronizer 1.2.1 on SLES 11

Mobile phones:
- HTC Desire S, Android 2.3.5, using Exchange Active Sync client

- When I add items to the GW calendar they are synced to the phone calendar, but when I change the content or move the item in time, that's not updated in the phone.
(But the other way around, when I make the corresponding change on the phone, it's updated ok in the GW client on the computer.)

In synchronizer Web Admin (1.2.1 build 730) I can't find the entries for what GW events shall be syncronized. After upgrading from DS 1.1 to 1.2.1 that possibility seem to have been removed (?). Although it's described under "3.2 Selecting GroupWise Events to Synchronize" in the GW connector installations manual.

Please, can anyone give me some advice on this ?