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Thread: Random policy failure

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    Random policy failure

    lxnutzen01 (sles-11-x86_64)
    ZCM 10.3.4
    DLU Policy relationship to users:
    • Use user source credentials
    • Manage existing user account
    • Volatile User
    • Member of Remote desktop Users
    • Requirements, Server type = Terminal services

    Windows Group policy relationship to users:
    • Local Group policy
    • Policy consists of some restraints like no visible C: drive
    • User configuration
    • Requirements, Server type = Terminal services

    pls-rd-01 (win2003r2-ee-sp2-x86)
    Terminal service (Users connects with rdp-client)
    Novell client
    Novell iPrint 5.60
    Terminal services configuration:
    • Delete temp. folders on exist (have tried w/o)
    • Use temp. folders per session (have tried w/o)

    1. Volatile policy dont work at all. The profiles is left in Documents and settings after log out and even after reboot. The accounts is left in User and groups. By random it also creates a new profile for every new session. Ex: User1 logs in, then logs out and logs in again. Now Windows have created a second profile called User1.PLS-RD-01. If you log out and in again, a third profile is created called User1.PLS-RD-01.000.
    2. By random my iprinters wont install, and if they do no printer is default even if there's just one. They are printer policys in ZCM and relationship to users. Requirement server type = Terminal service. Added in Print list like this: ipp:// If the printer get installed the agents policy status says Failure, but it works fine.
    3. By random the Windows Group policy will fail at logon. It is often successful during first login/session but during second it fails and after third success again.

    This is a school enviorment and have about 10-40 simul. users.
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