We are having trouble using Groupwise Multi-user calendaring when
connecting via C2S. As long as the users are on the post-office at the
location they are connecting to via C2S VPN, they can see their calendar.
If they try to add a user that is in a post office on the other side of
our S2S VPN the process fails.

If we are local we can add a user on the S2S connected post office.
We can ping any ip address at the other site if we are local. As soon as
we connect via C2S VPN we can only ping systems on the private network of
the BM server we connected to, and not systems on the S2S remote site.

Are we trying to do something that is not possible, or what may we mis
configured. The Master server is on a 172 private network. The Slave
server is on a 192 network. The C2S clients are mostly coming from 10
networks thru Linksys routers using NAT. Our protected networks include
172 and 192 in client to site configuration. Our S2S has 172 network in
its protected networks configuration.

Any help would be great.
Have a great day!