Every month I perform some maintenance on all my servers. With the addition of the Groupwise systems, I was told when
I run DSRepair, do it first on the main Groupwise system (SLES 11, NDSRepair), then run DSRepair on the primary Novell server.
This month when I did that, NDSRepair showed 11 illegal timestamps, and DSRepair showed the same. The recommendation
was to run repair timestamps and declare a new epoch on each system. My question is: on which system do I do that first, the Groupwise server or on the Novell server? I don't want to hose anything!

Also, should I have the Groupwise systems all stopped (Groupwise, the post office, the GWIA, the mobility server) when I do this?

Or is this something I should be posting to the eDirectory forum? I am not sure.... please advise! Many thanks.