We are fairly experianced with BM, but this install is a bit different...

We have just added a second public interface to a BM3.7 Master server. The
reason we added a second Internet connection instead of increasing the
bandwidth of the original, is because the particular location concerned has
poor quality voice lines and thus ADSL bandwidth is limited.

The original ADSL line was soley used for S2S and C2S VPN. The new line
will be dedicated to e-mail and Proxy etc.

Anyway, we added the new Public card and changed the default gateway to
point to the new ADSL router. We then created manual static routes to the
existing slave VPN members via the existing ADSL router. Everything works
fine apart from C2S, which will only seem to work via the existing ADSL
router with further static routes to specific sources, which isn't flexible

Ideally, we need C2S to work over the new ADSL router.

We can get a C2S connection over the new Public Card but we can't ping the
private card. Have tried numerous combinations of no NAT, dynamic/static
NAT with public to private static fix. Also, added new Public Card in
NWAdmin, VPN, C2S and specified new public IP address to encrypt.

Any thoughts and ideas guys...??