We have a Network consisting of 61 BM slaves (v3.7 & v3.8 IKE/SKIP) and
one Master Server.
I was forced to change the public IP of one of the BM (v3.8 IKE/SKIP)
and the corresponding actions (e.g SLP exclude IP, NCP exclude IP, BM
pub IP definition)
At first i removed the NBM Slave Configuration of the Server with the
IP-Address change, then i configured the new IP on the pub Interface of
the Slave Server an also changed the default Gateway.
Then i set up the new configuration on the master server and the slave
to site to site configuration.
10 Min later the vpn-tunnel was established. Everthing worked so far.
After rebooting the slave it was impossible to establish the Tunnel
once more.

I received error messages as stated below,from both servers, the master
and the slave and vice versa:

CSAUDIT from the master-----------

Failed to create IKE SA - Received the message in the wrong state. Lost
our reply cookies my-his : 335C2598BDB63CD7-8BE1AAB786F64CE9 dst:
217.11.xxx.xxx src: 62.157.xxx.xxx

We received those Error Messages all night long and in the mornig all
bm v3.8 servers encoutered abends in IKE.NLM an dropped the tunnel. We
had to restart all the BM38sp4 Servers across Europe.

i removed the Troublemaker from the VPN Network, if i try to add the
slave once more the same thing happens again.

Does anyone know who to solve this problem?